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Baseball and softball organization located in Affton, MO (suburb of St. Louis, MO) committed to the social, athletic, and mental development of the youth of the community.
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Affton Athletic Association Field Enhancement Initiative


     Affton Athletic Association a 501(3)(c) has a long-storied history with its beginning starting out as Affton Khoury League in the late 1950’s playing at local school fields and parks and morphing into Affton Athletic Association in 1962. Property was purchased in 1964 to build a home for the association early on known as Affton Sports Field by many who played, coached or just came to watch games, the park was and still is a central location for youth baseball and softball in the St. Louis area. The park has had many changes to keep up with the times, starting out with 8 fields and a concession stand to its present footprint of 11 fields, 6 t-ball fields and a practice area and the original concession stand still in use today, but the main constant in all of this has been the community volunteers.

    The Field Enhancement Program is geared to help the organization make improvements to the  fields, complex and surrounding areas which enables us to continually give our players and families the convenience and experience they can find in no other baseball/softball facility in the area. The program can be sustained in many ways, persons volunteering time and resources, fundraisers such as logo item sales, golf tournaments and the purchase of advertising opportunities at Affton A.A. The items on our list of short and long term upgrades include an extended irrigation system to include fields #8 and #10 along with upgraded concession and restroom facilities in the area of our back fields to name a few, a new roof on the bathroom facility ,LED lighting on all fields, electrical updates around the park and concession stand upgrades, these can only come to fruition with the help of our Affton A.A. family and surrounding community.

    Our 2019 season ended on November 8th, 2019, preparations for the 2020 season started November 9th, 2019. Our team worked throughout the fall and winter making improvements to our facility, the biggest of those was working with Perfect Play’s field team from December 26th 2019 through January 9th 2020 getting each field laser graded, 171 new base receptacles were added and all infields cut to get rid of the infield lips that had accumulated over past seasons. Upgrades to machinery, tools and many other items followed, all this money spent on a season that never happened, putting us in a position like no other before. Being a nonprofit 501(c)(3) we started to ask, what could we do, to put us back in a position to keep up standards that we started for our players, their families, the fans and our complex.

    This program in its infancy has come to be due to the issues that have presented themselves this past year with our season being delayed, starting late and then shut down after two weeks due to restrictions handed down regarding the Covid-19 virus. Refunds were issued to all players that signed up, putting our program at risk of not being able to give our players and families what they have come to expect. 

       Anyone wishing to donate time, resources or financially to this initiative, please send an email to with your request.

Thank you from all of us at Affton Athletic Association.